Painting Services


With over 15 years of interior and exterior painting experience we provide the highest quality work-man ship backed by the best materials to ensure a long lasting finish

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San Antonio TX Painting Services

interiorAt JC Paint & More, we take pride in our level of attention to detail. We understand the importance of a job well done, so we give our full commitment to every project from start to finish.

Complete Interior Painting
plantation shutters
panelings and wainscots
baseboards, crown and other trim moldings

Staining & Finishing of New/Existing Woodwork & Cabinetry
new cabinets (paint grade or stain grade)
entertainment systems (paint, stain or faux finishes)
finishing of new PELLA windows & doors

Stripping & Refinishing
wood handrails
entry doors & thresholds

Related Services
wallpaper removal
drywall and plaster repair
baseboards, crown and other molding installation

Special Service
renovate lead-based paint

exteriorAt JC Paint & More we offer a complete line of exterior services. All painted surfaces will be properly prepared before receiving any finishes. In addition, someone from our professional staff visits the job site daily to examine the progress of the work.

Complete Exterior Painting
wood, composite & vinyl siding
doors & windows
fascia & eaves
wood & vinyl shutters
architectural woodwork
decks, railings & patio covers
wrought Iron fences & railings

Related Services
wood repairs
light carpentry
molding Installation
stucco repairs
wood replacement
wood rot replacement
pressure washing & cleaning
removing mildew
remove loose paint & stains

Complete Stripping, Staining & Refinishing with High Quality Finish
Staining & Finishing of Natural Wood Surfaces
decks & rails
doors & windows

dwsDrywall Installation

At JC Paint & More, installation is our area of expertise. With over 20 years of experience in drywall installation and repair, JC Paint & More has become a trusted and recognized name in the Industry. JC Paint & More uses only premium materials for both residential and commercial drywall installation projects. Our technicians are highly trained in modern drywall installation techniques and we always guarantee the highest quality finish.

All drywall installations performed by the professionals at JC Paint & More will meet the applicable codes and adhere to the highest level of industry standards.. We work hard to accommodate scheduling and always do our best to complete projects by projected deadlines. Upon completion of drywall installation and code inspections, all jobsites are thoroughly cleaned and prepared for the next stage by our drywall finishers.

Tape, Float & Finish Drywall

Taping and floating drywall or “mudding” drywall is one of the most crucial elements to a successful drywall installation. At JC Paint & More, we have perfected the tape and float process resulting in a precision drywall installation at every job.

At JC Paint & More our taping and floating process begins with checking the drywall installation for accuracy and fitment. Renegade drywall finishers then follow the finishing process to properly ‘bust out’ the joints to ensure the best finish possible. At JC Paint & More special attention is always given around electrical boxes and any penetrations for a tight fit around the openings.

Upon the final finishing stages, sanding and PVA drywall primer / sealer is typically recommended. This process is usually completed by the drywall contractor and various textures are available with samples provided upon request.

With JC Paint & More you can be assured that the tape and float process of drywall installation will be performed with care and accuracy resulting in the highest quality finished product. For more information or questions on the taping and floating of drywall contact the professionals at JC Paint & More.